In a world where shared threats require cooperation between countries, it is in the interest of United States national security and foreign policy to build the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges. MBC’s International Programs solution provides technical expertise and proven methods in planning and tactically executing security cooperation programs.  We support a broad set of customers to train, educate, advise, and equip foreign partners for mutual support and security cooperation.

We are well equipped to support to our customers with our extensive experience across the total spectrum of security cooperation services, including cooperative development programs, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and in-country technical and linguistic support and with our knowledge of international policies, procedures, and stakeholders.

Additionally, MBC provides expertise on international policy, International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance, budget and financial management, technical product support, case management, Communication Security (COMSEC) procedures, and acquisition solutions to support FMS and cooperative development programs. We have provided comprehensive international program support for our clients in over 60 countries across multiple product lines.  We ensure interoperability and compatibility between countries and analyze data to measure performance. Such capability allows MBC to help our clients maximize resources, increase capability and reliability, and expand flexibility.

  • Security Cooperation
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
  • Cooperative Development Programs
  • Data Exchange and Technology Transfer
  • Communication Security (COMSEC) Management
  • International Training and Curriculum Development
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Technical Assistance Agreements