In the decentralized, agile, and often vulnerable environments the Department of Defense (DoD) finds itself, it is critical for our defense customers to drive for a resilient, adaptive, and responsive supply chain. The MBC Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution supports our customers in solving some of their most pressing challenges including strategic planning, inventory management, material distribution, and asset visibility.

We support our clients in improving coordination and collaboration with channel partners, including suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers. Our approach to SCM integrates demand management within and across all aspects of the supply change lifecycle.  Our solutions support customers as they evolve from managing individual functions and stove pipes to integrating activities into key supply chain processes.

The MBC approach focuses on supply chain, IT and business process integration, which involves collaborative work between suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, joint product development, common IT systems, and shared information. In directing solution teams, MBC drives out detailed functional designs and documents the requirements to provide to the Product Support Integrator (PSI) for development of the solution. This leads to the integration of a disconnected supply chain by the PSI that is positioned to be incorporated into the overall solution to enable enterprise computing activities.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing Flow Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management