Program / Project Management and Control

MBC understands that a successful Program Management approach depends upon the right alignment of strategy and resources. No one knows your business better than you, and that is why we utilize an up front, interactive approach to get your program off and running in the correct direction. We are prepared to provide quality Program Management support, ensuring your continued success through an effective and defined methodology. MBC’s proven process is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), and is delivered by Project Management Professional (PMP) certified consultants. Our ability to plan and deliver your program according to a pre-defined schedule and cost, separates us from our competitors and ensures MBC is a low-risk proposition for your organization.

Our consultants are accustomed to managing work streams by assigning appropriate resources, maintaining clear organizational lines of authority, ensuring contract management is proactively performed, and using proven policies and best practices. We understand that requirements change over time, and are prepared to quickly and effectively adapt our program plan to meet your needs.


Establishing a clear definition of requirements, stakeholders, and end goals allows us to tailor our Program Management approach and provide a clear path for success. While every project is unique, our proven Program Management methodology allows us to provide a time-tested approach to achieving your business objectives. Our consultants are fully equipped to develop a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) that outlines:

•  Project Scope

•  Purpose

•  Background

•  Major Deliverables

•  Approach

•  Associated master schedule

•  Risk Mitigation

Part of MBC’s deep understanding of Program Management is our extensive success in knowing how to do it right, the first time. Let us establish the foundation for your program and get you started on the right path.


It’s simple – our goal is to make your program a success. We understand that your continued growth is achieved through an intelligent, articulate and well-crafted Program Management approach. In this phase, our team will take into account delivery requirements, resources, timelines, internal and external drivers, as well as metrics and controls necessary to ensure the program to your expected outcome. Elements of a tailored Program Management approach include:

•  Staffing Plans

•  Communication Pans

•  Risk Plans

•  Deliverables

•  Problem / Issue Resolution

•  Quality Control Plans

•  Management Metrics

•  Sub-Contractor Management Plans

We know that the total is greater than the sum of it’s parts. MBC’s unique combination of strategy, planning, skills, resources, and tools will generate value quickly, deliver measurable results, and ensure completion of your program on time and on budget.


As requirements change and the competitive market evolves, we know that you must not only adapt, but overcome these challenges. We understand that your program must remain nimble and agile to accommodate unexpected bumps in the road. MBC has the proven organizational experience and past performance to ensure you remain dynamic and competitive in an ever changing environment. Our consultants will develop a tailored Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) to chart task-related actions and interdependencies, as a plan for completion of your program requirements. We have an inherent ability to efficiently execute your project requirements by utilizing:

•  Historical experience based planning

•  Proven tools and methodologies

•  Data management

Our consultants strive to be integrated, valued partners that plan strategically; anticipating issues while still able to handle emergent requirements. Total project collaboration allows our team to utilize a comprehensive and proactive approach to program execution. We intend to form a partnership with your organization to accomplish tasks, drive innovation, and realize a higher value across the program. By building strong relationships with your team, we will maintain:

•  On-time schedules

•  Low risk / high value opportunities

•  On-budget plans

•  Effective workflows

•  Accurate documentation

•  Efficient change management

•  Effective contract administration

•  Experienced resources

Utilizing a conscientious approach to execution, our team will manage overall risk through effective contract administration. Our extensive experience allows us to effectively:

•  Manage Call Orders

•  Manage BPAs

•  Effectively invoice

•  Oversee contract modifications / amendments

•  Monitor performance milestones

Our team’s proven ability to monitor and adapt mid-stream allows us to drive innovation, while executing successful Program Management solutions. We are trusted partners and business advisors, continuing to create value for both Government and Commercial clients.

Monitor and Control

We believe that a successful program is continually measured, assessed, and rebalanced as it adapts to changes in the business environment. To capitalize on opportunities for increased value, an organization must be prepared to quickly and decisively assess data and take action. Throughout a program’s lifecycle, our consultants continually measure ongoing project activities, monitor project variables against performance metrics, and ultimately identify corrective actions to properly address issues. Our Quality Assurance activities are designed to help your organization prevent significant delivery and cost problems, while correcting small discrepancies before the overall health of the program is affected. We measure the well-being of your program from both external and internal perspectives to assess the following:

•  Schedule Control

•  Metrics

•  Risk Management & Control

•  Cost Control

•  Team Management

•  Scope Validation

•  Stakeholder Management

•  Quality Control

Feedback is the key to ensuring our Program Management approach continues to meet your business goals. We look forward to leveraging our experience and methodology to drive collaboration, and foster increased value for your organization.

Independent Verifiction & Validation (IV&V)

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) exists to answer two questions: are you managing the program correctly, and are you managing the correct program? MBC understands that early identification of risks and issues is crucial to the success of the program, and that more importantly; this information must be obtained independently. Our consultants are trained in assessing program progress / metrics and milestone reviews, inspecting processes, documents, and product defects, and evaluating required training outside the framework of the existing program. They understand that a neutral assessment of the program is needed in order to provide unbiased opinions and recommendations. The goal behind our IV&V approach is to provide proactive identification of issues and risks to your organization, so that mitigation may take place before potential cost overruns and schedule delays become significant.

Risk Management

An organization’s innate ability to understand, control, act on, and articulate the nature and level of risks taken in pursuit of business strategies can define the success of a program. MBC’s extensive experience in assessing changing environments, increased product and process complexity, and moving requirements allows us to provide a solid foundation within our Program Management approach to reduce volatility and proactively address expected issues.
Our strategy provides an early and structured approach to risk identification, measurement, control, and reporting in order to minimize adverse impacts, and increase value. Our goal is to provide a transparent approach to balancing risk and reward in pursuit of your business goals.