Quality Assurance Program

The MBC EAGLE II JV quality control approach builds on the proven, registered EIS ISO and CMMI rated quality management system used for EAGLE I Quality Control and integrates iPower’s suite of CMMI rated quality management processes as well as the team’s certified professionals to include certified SEI-CMMI Lead appraisers, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certified professionals, and PMPs.  Our team has successfully applied these processes before and is pleased to offer such a robust quality tool kit to DHS customers. Our approach is anchored in integrated quality planning and performance.  The Program Quality Manager will maintain a QMP with error prevention and inspection standards for applications across the program while TO-level QCP will address specific TO quality management and control.  The image below illustrates our Quality Plan integration and Quality Control approach features.

Our program quality assurance manager will lead audits with our certified quality assessors and auditors to ensure compliance and identify opportunities for improvement throughout the program lifecycle. Every team member is empowered to identify and report errors through our PMO Portal deficiency and quality reporting page.  Our deficiency reporting and resolution process will provide visibility of quality issues and track resolution, with stakeholder alerts and subscription capability to ensure closed-loop quality.   In addition to CPI throughout the lifecycle of a project, our Quality Control approach also includes a dedicated task order close out CPI process.  We leveraged this programmatic CPI approach in our work for DHS on EAGLE I, but we have evolved our approach for EAGLE II. Going forward, we will share our internal programmatic CPI efforts with DHS representatives during program management reviews to enable our partnership and demonstrate our commitment to providing improved services and products to DHS customers.