With over three decades of combined professional experience in Foreign Military Sales and International Programs, Security Cooperation is a core competency of MBC. Our consultants are certified by the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM), and routinely provide cradle-to-grave support for over 50 foreign partners engaged in Security Cooperation activities with the U.S. We are well equipped with a broad understanding of the total security assistance spectrum, including security assistance programs, policies, procedures, and stakeholders, allowing us to provide well-rounded support to your organization.

International Cooperative Programs

Our broad experience in developing and managing International Cooperative Programs enables our consultants to provide strategic solutions for joint cooperation and ensure that your organization is meeting U.S. goals and requirements. On a regular basis, our consultants develop and process Data Exchange Agreements, Project Arrangements, Information Exchange Agreements, and Memorandum of Understanding with foreign allies to solidify initiatives that are focused on the collaborative development and sustainment of common products and services. We oversee compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), ensure interoperability and compatibility between nations, and measure performance and analysis of data. Such capability allows our team to help your maximize resources, increase capability and reliability, and expand your organization’s flexibility and cooperative abilities. We draw from our firm’s joint cooperation experience to guide you in creating dual-nation policy and procedures, developing security protocol to safeguard proprietary national assets, as well drafting cost models that define dual-nation funding contributions. In general, cooperative development programs aim to create cost savings and large-scale efficiencies across enterprises. Our consultants will enable your organization to not only support U.S. initiatives, but also focus on the strategic opportunities gained from cooperation with allied nations.

FMS Case Management and Execution

MBC consultants are well versed in full lifecycle FMS support. We have the knowledge and skillset to successfully help your organization tackle routine and emergent FMS issues, while keeping you on track with domestic and foreign requirements. As a result of decades of FMS Case Management and Execution experience, MBC is well prepared to assist your organization in:

•  Performing pre-case research
•  Facilitating tradeshows
•  Preparing Price and Availability (P&A), Letters of Request (LORs), and Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs)
•  Developing FMS Case Modifications and Amendments
•  Ensuring case and product transportation and logistics requirements
•  Developing cost models and spend plans

For a wide variety of Security Cooperation related organizations, we routinely develop, interpret, and implement policy allowing your organization to stay abreast of significant and quickly enacted policy changes. Our consultants are well equipped the tools an knowledge resulting from years of experience in this niche arena, allowing us to proactively assist your organization in managing and executing all aspects of FMS cases. Our team has an integrated program management approach and a strategic framework to managing and executing FMS cases, resulting in cost effective and time-tested solutions. Thanks to our best practices and value added services, we stand ready to help your organization develop viable solutions to financial and material challenges.

FMS Admin and Financial Management

The successful management of FMS Admin funding is crucial to the sustainability of a FMS product or Program Office. Our consultants understand the importance of effectively managing the programming and execution of administrative salary and travel funding for civilians, field activities, and contractors in order to prevent funding shortages and support priority FMS opportunities. Our extensive FMS Admin financial management background can provide your organization with the comfort of knowing that your annual budget and POM submissions, justifications, and reclamas are supported by product lines and FMS case requirements, in accordance with Defense Security Cooperation Agency and MILDEP policy. In addition, we understand Security Assistance Management Manual guidance on Standard Level of Service, and can accurately and effectively justify financial submissions in accordance with policy. Our intimate knowledge of FMS Admin budget requirements has earned us numerous accolades from current clients, and we expect to provide the same exceptional service to your organization.

Case Reconciliation and Closure

Our FMS Case Reconciliation and Closure experience allows us to provide strategic insight into the approach taken towards active reconciliation and backlog case closure. Our consultants are focused on researching and reviewing closure inhibitors, identifying discrepancies, providing recommendations for resolution of issues, and actioning contract line item review and reconciliation. We focus on reducing extensive backlogs of Supply Service Complete FMS cases allowing your organization to progress with required contractual and financial reconciliation and meet targets for closure. We understand the nuances of case closure, and can effectively accomplish the multiple actions needed in order to reduce obligations and meet foreign partner requirements.